Archives for July, 2020

VeraSci is now offering the Placebo Control Reminder Script through the Pathway eCOA system

Placebo response is a potentially devastating component of CNS trials, particularly those with subjective patient-reported outcomes and high levels of interaction with clinical staff. In pain, depression, and other psychiatric studies using subjective primary endpoints, high placebo rates contribute substantially to the late-stage failure of promising treatments. VeraSci is now offering a scientifically-backed instrument, the…

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New Schizophrenia Publication Co-Authored by Dr. Walling

Check out a new publication co-authored by David Walling, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and Principal Investigator at CNS Research. Efficacy and safety of a 2-month formulation of aripiprazole lauroxil with 1-day initiation in patients hospitalized for acute schizophrenia transitioned to outpatient care: phase 3, randomized, double-blind, active-control ALPINE study. J Clin Psychiatry. 2020;81(3):19m13207.  

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