Clinical Trial Centers Alliance is a group of privately owned and operated research organizations in CA, TX, FL, NM, CO, NJ, NC, and OR MAP. Founding site PIs Drs. Cutler, Garcia, and Walling, friends and colleagues for several years, formed the Alliance with Bobbie Theodore to share best practices, expertise and business development. They remain committed to providing consistent quality and excellence in the clinical trials they conduct.

The model has proven very successful and continues to be strengthened with seasoned, dedicated research professionals (MD and PhD-level PI’s, Sub-I’s and raters, and experienced study coordinators), regulatory and recruitment staff. Each has large patient databases and exclusive relationships with large practices, hospital and clinics with access to thousands of patients enabling quality, enrollment and clean data. All sites use any Central IRB and conduct phase I-IV inpatient and outpatient trials. The Alliance offers geographically diverse patient populations, as well as “one stop shopping” for study site selection coordination.