Principal Investigators

Collaborative Neuroscience Network, LLC (CNS Network) – Garden Grove, Torrance, Long Beach, CA (Los Angeles and Orange County) Read More ->

David Walling, PhD  Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Omid Omidvar, MD  Board Certified Neurologist

Armen Goenjian, MD  Board Certified Psychiatrist

Steven Reynolds, DO  Board Certified Family Practitioner

Nirav Patel, MD
Board Certified Neurologist

Lara Shirikjian, DO
Board Certified

Haig Goenjian, MD
Board Certified


Pacific Research Partners, LLC – Oakland, CA

Ira Glick, MD
Board Certified Psychiatrist

Anand Mehta, MD
Double Board Certified Endocrinology and Internal Medicine


FutureSearch Clinical Trials, LP – Austin & Dallas, TX Read More ->

John D. Hudson, MD  Double Board Certified Neurologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist

Michael Downing, MD  Board Certified Psychiatrist


Albuquerque Neuroscience, Inc. – Albuquerque, NM

Glenn Michael Dempsey, MD Board Certified Psychiatrist

Paula J. Lane, MD Family Practice

Diane K. Combs, MD Board Certified Family Practitioner


Hassman Research Institute, LLC. – Marlton & Berlin, NJ Read More ->

Howard Hassman, DO  Board Certified Family Practitioner

Steven J. Glass, MD Board Certified Psychiatrist

Roberta Ball, DO Board Certified Psychiatrist

Michael Hassman, DO  Board Certified Family Practitioner

Elan Cohen, PhD Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Larry Shusterman, DO Board Eligible Internal Medicine

Elissa Hassman, DO Board Certified Ophthalmologist


Oregon Center for Clinical Investigations, Inc. – Portland & Salem, OR Read More ->

Beal Essink, MD  Double Board Certified in Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine

Drissana Tran, MD Board Eligible Internal Medicine


Exemplar Research, Inc. – Fairmont, Morgantown, Elkins, WV Read More ->

Ward Jackson Paine, MD Board Certified Internal Medicine

Paul A. Alappat, MD Board Certified Cardiologist

Ronald Alan Mudry, Jr., MD, Board Certified Pulmonologist and Internist


Uptown Research Institute – Chicago, IL

John G. Sonnenberg, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist


CCT Research – Phoenix, AZ & Omaha, NE Read More ->

Brian Beck, MD, PhD Board Certified Neurologist

Paarth Janak Shah, MD Board Certified Neurologist

Stuart John Hetrick, DO Board Certified Neurologist

David Bouda, MD Board Certified Internist

Jose De Ocampo, MD Board Certified Neurologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist

Susan Pansing, MD Board Certified Neurologist

Patrick Sciara, MD Board Certified Internist

John Puente, MD Board Certified Neurologist

Gary McCracken, MD Board Certified Dermatologist

Anthony Alan Nuara, MD, PhD Board Certified Dermatologist

Thomas Fiel, DO Board Certified Family Practitioner