Sponsor Relations Team

Jeanette Caruso

Project Manager

Bobbie Theodore

Alliance Director

Annie Speno

Operations Director

Our team is responsible for handling the business development needs of the group, sponsor and CRO relations, facilitating the site selection process (CDAs, feasibility questionnaires, CVs, site capabilities information), keeping in regular contact for feedback and garner new study opportunities so the site personnel can focus on their studies in process. There is no charge to sponsors or CROs for these services.

The Alliance sponsor relations team has reflected the group’s growth and diversity. Originally only conducting psychiatry studies, our sites now conduct studies in chronic pain, sleep disorders, movement and neurological disorders (Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy), Alzheimer’s, addictions, pediatric psychiatry, and most recently, general medical indications such as type II diabetes and hypertension. Of course, psychiatry is still at our core with inpatient and outpatient capabilities across all major indications and phases.

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