Schizophrenia Study Sponsor

Annie [Clinical Trial Centers Alliance] represents several sites and PIs with extensive schizophrenia experience and an excellent track record of distinguishing placebo from active comparators.


Collaborative Neuroscience Network received Certificate of Achievement from IQVIA, commemorating exceptional performance 2017-2018.

CRO Monitor

I have been to your site [CNS] a couple times co-monitoring for this study, and have been so impressed by your organization, thoroughness and attention to the study. Thank you so much.

CRO Monitor

Albuquerque Neuroscience is one of the most dedicated, efficiently run, meticulous sites I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is their work exemplary but Gerrie and Dr. Dempsey never failed to make me feel welcome with warm smiles and genuine kindness.

CNS Sponsor

Bobbie, we will likely initiate additional clinical trials early next year. Your team of investigators tops our list! (Their performance on our last protocol was outstanding on all levels.) Thank you!

CNS Sponsor

[Hassman Research Institute] is actually one of my favorite sites to work with; Elan [Cohen] and Paula [Amerman] are top notch.

Phase I Alzheimer’s Study CRO

We could not have achieved this important milestone without your [Dr. Omidvar and CNS Phase I Unit] tireless efforts to reconcile data, resolve queries and approve eCRF pages. It is a testament to your skills and dedication to have completed all of this while enrolling patients, entering new data and working with your monitor at monitoring visits and through remote source verification. We state the obvious when we say we could not have done this without you. Many thanks to each and every one for your tremendous work!

Phase I Healthy Study Sponsor

I just wanted to provide feedback on CNS Network as a site.  We only had positive experience dealing with the site; Dr. Mark Leibowitz, Hanna and Analyn have been great to work with; both Hanna and Analyn respond to my emails (especially for document requests) so promptly.  It was a pleasure working with Dr. Leibowitz and team!

Phase I Healthy Japanese Bridging Study Sponsor

[Dr. Mark Leibowitz CNS] Congratulations on getting this study initiated so quickly! I heard that all eight subjects were successfully dosed today. Thank you for your hard work to achieve this milestone under such stringent timelines. We appreciate it greatly.

Phase I Migraine Study Sponsor

Dear Dr. [Omid] Omidvar [CNS], Thanks for the follow up. We were happy with your site and your recruitment was the best among all the sites for this study. It was a pleasure working with your group on this study.We are indeed very happy with your site performance and will definitely consider you for our future studies.

Phase I Multiple Sclerosis Study Sponsor

Dr. [Nirav] Patel’s [CNS] site has been nothing short of great and we’re really happy with them. They’ve been one of our “go to” sites thus far so I’m very pleased. Dr. Patel was one of our best enrollers and a great site to work with.

Phase I Schizophrenia Study Sponsor

We have been extremely pleased with Dr. [David] Walling’s [CNS] sites performance as a “rescue” site for our phase I schizophrenia study. We will use you again for any new early phase opportunities we have.

Phase I Schizophrenia Study CRO

Wow, Dr. [David] Walling [CNS]!!!  Your whole team is amazing, you are like the EverReady battery you just keep humming along.  The recruitment you are accomplishing is outstanding and the most remarkable I have ever seen!!! 

Depression Study CRO

Dr. [Armen] Goenjian [CNS] was highlighted in September 2014 XXX newsletter for their screening success on XXX MDD trial #1 and #3 screening sites out of 50 sites.

Depression Study Sponsor

Dr. [Michael] Downing [FutureSearch Trials of Dallas], we would like to invite you to speak during our interactive discussion on recruitment best practices. Given your success on this study, the XXX team thought you would be ideal to share your experiences with recruiting for this study.

Insomnia Sleep Sponsor

Dear Dr. [John] Hudson [FutureSearch Trials of Neurology], I hope you are doing well. I was reviewing the XXX-sponsored trial enrollment numbers in my region (So. Texas), and I was impressed with your enrollment numbers in the polysomnography study. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the hard work by you and your staff!

Insomnia Sleep Sponsor

Albuquerque Neuroscience received a Top Tier Enrollment Performance award for a multicenter, 12-month, randomized, double-blind, controlled study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of XXX in subjects 18 years or older with insomnia disorder.

Multiple Sclerosis Study CRO

Dr. [Omid] Omidvar [CNS], your pace of screening and randomizing patients over the last couple months is impressive. We need to clone your site. Thank you.

Migraine Study Sponsor

Dr. John Hudson and team [FutureSearch Trials of Neurology], To recognize the value of clinical research sites as a partner in the clinical research process, (sponsor) is presenting a Clinical Research Site Award to selected sites. It is my great pleasure to inform you that FutureSearch Trials of Neurology has been selected as a recipient of a Clinical Research Site Award for your participation in the (sponsor) Migraine Study. This award recognizes your site for your accomplishments and contributions.

Your (sponsor) team members had the following comments in nominating you for this recognition:
• Efficient Study Start-up demonstrated by timely review of contracts and budgets, timely provision of essential documents and IRB/IEC submissions.
○ The site implemented extremely efficient start up process enabling timely site activation.
• Enrolment rates demonstrated by meeting or exceeding the agreed upon number of evaluable patients on schedule.
○ The site exceeded their target enrollment goal for the study.
• Protocol Adherence demonstrated by minimal number of protocol deviation, accurate drug accountability, adherence to eligibility criteria and visit schedule.
○ The site performed high quality screening assessments leading to a low screen failure rate.

Migraine Study Sponsor

Dr. John Hudson [FutureSearch Trials of Neurology], We are very pleased to report that enrollment to date in the US has gone faster than projected. As one of our higher enrollers, we thank you for your efforts and commitment to helping us achieve that. 

Migraine Study Sponsor

Dr. John Hudson [FutureSearch Trials of Neurology], the XXX study team appreciates your efforts to reduce screen failures for this study. Currently, you have the lowest SF rate out of 40 US sites and the most randomized patients. XXX appreciates your efforts and expertise in this clinical trial.

Migraine Study Sponsor

Dr. [Omid] Omidvar [CNS] has received Elite enrollment site acknowledgement (Elite Enroller Badge) for his participation in the XXX adult migraine study.

Migraine Study Sponsor

All four participating Alliance sites Dr. John Hudson [FutureSearch Trials of Neurology], Dr. Michael Downing [FutureSearch Trials of Dallas], Dr. Howard Hassman [Hassman Research Institute], Dr. Drissana Tran [Oregon Center for Clinical Investigations] in study XXX are given recognition as top enrolling sites by sponsor.


CRO monthly newsletter spotlights Dr. [John] Hudson [FutureSearch Trials of Neurology] and team: Friendly tips from Dr. Hudson’s site: 1. Complete thorough pre-screening by phone prior to scheduling screening appointments. 2. Schedule all appointments early into study participation to avoid last minute scheduling headaches for subject and staff. 3. At screening appointments, walk subjects through sleep lab to ease any anxiety about sleep lab procedures. 4. Encourage subjects to bring in personal items to make them feel more comfortable during sleep lab procedures: pillow, blanket, book, etc.

Pain Study CRO

Dr. [John] Hudson [FutureSearch Trials of Neurology], We are impressed with your site’s level of activity! We talk of you often to the sponsor. We are glad that we chose you as a site to participate in this [pain] study. We are tracking on timelines for the end of enrollment. We would not be able to do that if it were not for sites like yours.

Pain Study Sponsor

Please pass my gratitude on to Dr. [John] Hudson and [FutureSearch Trials of Neurology] staff as they have really knocked a good many missing pages out (before deadline), I am very impressed. Other sites were not close to meeting this deadline. Please share my gratitude with Dr. Hudson next time you speak to him. I know Adam put a lot of time into this and it should not go unsung. Thank you.

Restless Legs Syndrome Study Sponsor

We already have networked with Dr. Hudson as a potential site for our next trial. It would be nice to have 6 more sites just like Dr. [John] Hudson’s [FutureSearch Trials of Neurology].

Schizophrenia Study Sponsor

Dr. Ira Glick [Pacific Research Partners], We are planning on closing the screening of potential subjects for Study XXX at the end of December. While this study has been challenging to enroll, you and your site staff have done a tremendous job, both in terms of enrollment (16 subjects screened, 7 randomized) and data quality.

Schizophrenia Study CRO

To recognize the value of clinical research sites as a partner in the clinical research process, INC Research is presenting a Clinical Research Site Award to selected sites. It is my great pleasure to inform you that CNS Network, LLC [staff and Dr. David Walling] has been selected as a recipient of a Clinical Research Site Award for your participation in the XXX study and the XXX study. This award recognizes your site for your accomplishments and contributions. Your site was nominated by two INC project teams, who had the following comments in nominating you for this recognition.

Stroke Study Sponsor

Dr. [Nirav] Patel’s [CNS] site and staff have been wonderful. We love working with them and appreciate the quality of work they provide.  Also, Dr. Patel is very responsive and I personally appreciate this.