Inpatient Capabilities

    • Collaborative Neuroscience Network, LLC,  Long Beach, CA – Dedicated Clinical Pharmacology Unit with 60 bed capacity for healthy CNS, medical and bridging research and another 20 bed PHF unit for acute psychiatric populations

  • Pacific Research Partners, LLC, Oakland, CA – Affiliated licensed psychiatric hospital with 10 beds dedicated to psychiatric research
  • FutureSearch Trials of Neurology and Sleep Lab, LP, Austin, TX – Dedicated fully equipped, licensed 6 bed sleep lab on premises of research facility for overnight PSG sleep studies. Dr. Hudson, Medical Director and new Advisor to
  • Oregon Center for Clinical Investigations, Salem, OR –  Overnight capabilities with four on-site sleep lab beds
  • Hassman Research Institute, LLC, Berlin, NJ – Site-owned inpatient unit with 30 beds dedicated to research in various therapeutic areas