Hassman Research Institute, LLC

Marlton: 30 Lake Center, Marlton, NJ 08053 MAP
Berlin: 175 Cross Keys Road, Berlin, NJ 08009 MAP

With two large campuses in Marlton and Berlin, NJ, Hassman Research Institute (HRI) is a leading clinical research organization that conducts clinical trials in healthy subjects and a wide variety of therapeutic areas including addictions, dermatology, internal medicine, neurology, pain, psychiatry, and sleep.

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Marlton Site

In addition to outpatient facilities, Marlton, NJ is home to HRI’s 60-bed state-of-the-art inpatient unit. Constructed in 2011, the purpose-built facility provides an array of resources and services that are critical to the successful completion of complex studies. With 21,000 sq ft of space, the facility includes patient population separation wards, a pharmacy with a laminar flow hood, 3 CLIA Waived labs, private dosing rooms, and a record room fire suppression system.

The Marlton inpatient unit is capable of conducting a wide variety of specialized studies including First-in-Human, translational studies, and adaptive and umbrella designs. The site’s capabilities include imaging (PET, MRI, fMRI, MRS, MRE, MRI-PDFF, DEXA-scan, DAT-Scan), electrophysiological testing (EEG, PSG, and QEEG / ERP), pain models, cognitive and behavioral assessments, CSF collection, QTc. and drug compounding. It also offers the safety resources required for the unique needs of Human Abuse Liability/Potential (HAL/HAP) studies.

Berlin Site

HRI’s Berlin campus has dedicated units for central nervous system, inpatient, and general medicine studies. On the campus there are 14 private practices with physicians that serve as sub-investigators. Their specialties include addictions, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, pain management, and psychiatry.

The outpatient facilities include 14 exam rooms, 8 dedicated monitoring rooms, 5 rater offices, 3 drug storage rooms, 2 CLIA Waived labs, and a cognitive testing center, as well as a driving lab with six state-of-the-art CRCDS MiniSim driving simulators dedicated to clinical trials.

The 28-bed Inpatient Unit has separate wings to accommodate separate patient populations and translational studies. Centrally located in the unit is a pharmacy with a ventilated laminar flow hood with compounding capabilities, and a CLIA Waived lab.

HRI is partnered with nearby imaging centers offering a comprehensive range of imaging services. Other specialized capabilities include electrophysiological testing, pain models in healthy normal volunteers and patients, and CSF collection.

Dedicated technicians at HRI’s Berlin campus identify and pre-screen potential NASH/NAFLD patients by offering free FibroScan® screenings daily. The non-invasive FibroScan® assessment is simple, painless, and fast. Offering free screenings has enabled HRI to become a top-enrolling site for NASH/NAFLD studies.


With locations in a major metropolitan area and full-time dedicated recruitment staff, HRI has an outstanding track record of meeting enrollment goals, including studies in elderly patients, healthy populations, disease state, and other special populations.

HRI is affiliated with a large network of multi-specialty practices in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area, which offers unique access to a wide range of specialists and patient populations. In total, there are six multi-specialty practices and four addiction treatment units. The multi-specialty practice database consists of over 75,000 patients.

In addition to its multi-specialty practice database, HRI has a research database with over 65,000 patients. Studies at the Berlin campus are enrolled with patients from the family practice database while subjects at the Marlton inpatient facility are enrolled with patients from the research database, thereby avoiding competition between HRI’s locations.

Key Personnel

Howard Hassman, DO, AOBFP, Chief Executive Officer, Principal Investigator. Board Certified Family Practice.

Larry Ereshefsky, PharmD, BCPP, Chief Scientific Officer. Internationally recognized thought leader in clinical translational central nervous system research.

Brett A. English, PharmD, PhD, Vice President of Scientific Affairs. Expert in program planning and electrophysiology, imaging, and pharmacodynamic biomarker applications.

Michael Hassman, DO, AOBFP, Medical Director, Principal Investigator. Board Certified Family Practice.

Steven J. Glass, MD, Psychiatric Medical Director, Principal Investigator. Board Certified Psychiatry.

Roberta Ball, DO, Principal Investigator. Board Certified Psychiatry.

Elan Cohen, PhD, Principal Investigator, Lead Psychometric Rater. Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Elissa Hassman, DO, Principal Investigator, Sub-Investigator. Board Certified Ophthalmology.

Djouher Hough, PsyD, Director of Addictions and Pain Management Research, Investigator

Erica S. Perilstein, MD, Sub-Investigator. Board Certified Dermatology.

Joseph Savon, MD, Sub-Investigator, Rater. Board Certified Gastroenterology and Addiction Medicine.

Ashok Joseph, MD, Sub-Investigator, Rater

Stephanie Iglesias, PhD, Sub-Investigator, Rater

Jaclyn Lobb, MS, Sub-Investigator, Rater

Mike Alfano, RPh, JD, Pharmacist.