Mark Leibowitz, M.D. has joined CNS, Long Beach

Mark Leibowitz, M.D. has joined CNS, Long Beach

Mark Leibowitz, M.D. has joined David Walling, Ph.D. as the new Phase I Unit Medical Director at CNS Network in Long Beach, CA.

An introduction to Dr. Leibowitz and Collaborative Neuroscience Network (CNS Network):

Dr. Leibowitz brings a wealth of experience to his role as Medical Director and Principal Investigator at CNS Network’s Ocean View Psychiatric Hospital and Clinical Pharmacology Unit. With 30 years of medical practice experience and over 18 years conducting clinical research, his expertise in early phase research includes more than 200 bioequivalence, 70 healthy normal studies including 40 first in human (FIH), and 60 CNS and medical patient population studies.

CNS Network owns and operates a 25,000 square foot Phase I research facility in Long Beach, CA under CEO David Walling, Ph.D. Drs. Walling and Leibowitz are supported by a full coordinator, recruitment, regulatory, rater and administrative staff, and work closely with Ocean View’s neurology, psychiatry and internal medicine physicians. The facility offers 60 beds with private rooms and caregiver accommodations, amenities including in-room flat-screen TVs and catered dining, on-site urgent care, and state-of-the-art equipment to support complex protocols. Staff experience and capabilities include proof-of-concept, early stage methodological and long term maintenance studies, abuse liability, ethno bridging, maximum tolerated dose, and single and serial CSF collection protocols.

For more information about staff and capabilities, please contact Annie Speno at (916) 934-0569. If you’ll be visiting the Los Angeles area soon, let us know if you would like to meet Dr. Leibowitz and tour the CPU!