Specialized Procedures

  • Serial PK, PD sampling
  • EEG, qEEG, evoked potentials on site
  • TQT, QTc, telemetry, holter and ambulatory monitoring
  • PET, MRI, and CT scans; 64-slice CT, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), fiber tracking with the GE Signa HDx 3.0 Tesla MRI, and whole body imaging
  • Lumbar puncture and continuous CSF collection on site
  • Oral, IV infusion, transdermal patch, sublingual, inhalation¬†and device delivery methods
  • Adaptive, umbrella and crossover study designs – healthy and patient populations
  • Single and multiple ascending dose
  • Sequential and parallel cohorts
  • Fed and fasted, drug interaction, food effect, safety, efficacy and tolerability
  • DEA licensed investigators experienced with managing opiate drugs in clinical trials
  • Interventional radiology services such as PICC line or CSF during MRI or PET
  • Radiopharmaceutical compounding
  • Bone Density (DEXA)
  • Ultrasound


Download the Imaging Services fact sheet.