CNS Network staff and Dr. David Walling receive Clinical Research Site Award from INC Research

CNS Network staff and Dr. David Walling receive Clinical Research Site Award from INC Research

CNS Network staff and Dr. David Walling receive Clinical Research Site Award from INC Research for outstanding quality, enrollment and input on two challenging protocols. 

Dear Dr. Walling and Team:

To recognize the value of clinical research sites as a partner in the clinical research process, INC Research is presenting a Clinical Research Site Award to selected sites.  It is my great pleasure to inform you that CNS Network, LLC has been selected as a recipient of a Clinical Research Site Award for your participation in the XXX study and the XXX study.  This award recognizes your site for your accomplishments and contributions.  Your site was nominated by two INC project teams, who had the following comments in nominating you for this recognition:

XXX Study 1:

·        Dr. Walling’s site is the highest enrolling site for the XXX study.  This program is very challenging for subject recruitment; however, Dr. Walling’s site exceeded the targeted number of subjects to enroll, with a total of 30 subjects screened and 22 subjects randomized.  Dr. Walling provides excellent oversight of the XXX study.  He is on-site to meet during monitoring visits and if unavailable during the visit he provides his cell phone number to contact him with any concerns, issues, and a summary of the monitoring visits.  Dr. Walling expects excellence from his study staff, and they strive to meet his expectations.  The site staff has been fabulous!  The study coordinator, Shelby Reynolds, makes the CRA’s job easier.  She knows the protocol inside and out.  Ms. Reynolds is proactive with regards to issues/deviations, including contacting the CRA and/or INC Medical Monitor for guidance as needed, and she resolves issues in a timely manner.  Leanna Travis, Research Assistant, assists Ms. Reynolds on this study and strives to resolve data queries within the 48 hour window, if not sooner.  The study staff has excellent quality of work, are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, and are always prepared for monitoring visits.  They make time to address corrections during the monitoring visit and are flexible on dates and the plan of action during the monitoring visits.  Dr. Walling has also contributed to the XXX program outside of his site by globally training the raters on PANSS during 11 investigator meetings in North, Central and South America, Europe and Australia.

·        With INC knowing the quality of the PI and site staff (study staff), they can be assured that the site recruits the best possible subjects for the clinical trials, which, help both with the subject’s quality of life (medical care) and the quality of the study data.  The study staff works closely with the subjects, know the subjects well, and would consider the team a “family” watching out for their extended “family.”

XXX study 2:

·        Dr. Walling’s site has been an integral part to the efficient start up for the XXX Study.  The site participated in a User Acceptance Training for the electronic source (SureSource) and provided important site input.  Dr. Walling had two subjects ready to screen immediately after the SIV, in order to exceed Sponsor expectations for First Subject First Visit. This site has demonstrated protocol adherence and quality source documentation and has asked knowledgeable questions.  Dr. Walling is a devoted and engaged Principal Investigator.

·        This trial is very technologically advanced (using XXX), so the site and INC worked together for training and knowledge sharing early in the trial to ensure that the subject visits went very smoothly.  The site’s up front work with INC on this trial has helped identify quality patients.

A member of the INC Research study team will be reaching out to you within the next few weeks to schedule a time for the award to be presented to you and your site staff.  We hope you will display the award at your site with pride as it is given with great appreciation for your efforts to improve the health and treatment options available to patients worldwide.  Congratulations!

Best regards,


INC Research®, LLC