Expertise for your Neurogaming Clinical Trial Needs

Expertise for your Neurogaming Clinical Trial Needs

Neurogaming is an emerging development in neuroscience – and our team of Investigators have helped prominent neurotech and neurogaming companies validate their products.

Recent neurogaming trials we’ve consulted on and conducted include:

• Game-play in ADHD children ages 6 to 12 compared to matched controls;

• A brain performance validation study in cognitively healthy adults and elderly;

• A brain fitness program in stable schizophrenia subjects.

Investigators David Walling, PhD (CNS, LLC., CEO) and Ira Glick, MD (Emeritus, Stanford University and Pacific Research Partners, LLC.) are available for consultation and successful trial conduct. Our team can also offer a reliable assessment resource proven to be highly sensitive to changes in brain function for validating neurogaming products. We can assist with budget estimates for investors, protocol writing, and data management/analysis, based on our 20+ years neuroscience research expertise.

Please contact us and/or find us at the Neurogaming Conference/ESCoNS 2015.

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