Upcoming Outsourcing Conferences

Upcoming Outsourcing Conferences

Alliance representatives are attending the following Outsourcing conferences:

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Southern California 2018
September 26–27 in La Jolla, CA

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Pacific Northwest 2018
October 16-17 in Vancouver, BC

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials New England 2018
November 6-7 in Boston, MA

We look forward to learning about sponsors’ outsourcing challenges, and explaining why we’re a great resource for effective outsourcing strategies and relationships.

If you’re attending the…
SoCal conference, contact Annie Speno at annie@alliancesites.com
PNW conference, contact Jeanette Caruso at jeanett@alliancesites.com
NE conference, contact Craig Leach at craigleach@cnstrial.com